Friday, April 02, 2010

its true love

this handsome man of mine has made me a garbage truck driver's wife... and i couldn't be happier!! we have been struggling for some time finding chris a full-time job. and by "for some time" i mean a year and a half. he was laid off from his job in october of 2008 and in the interim has been substitute school bus driving, which is at max 4 hours a day during the school week/year. and because of that title "substitute" we were unable to qualify for a mortgage to buy our house last summer when we first moved in. we are living in it, but paying rent to the homeowners until we could qualify.
hopefully with the news of the new full time job for my hubs that we got yesterday, things can finally fall into place for us!!!
i am so proud of this man. proud to call him my husband and proud to be his wife.

these years we've spent together have been a struggle, but i would not trade them for the world. they have taught me so much about love and life and what marriage really means. this man is my soul mate, my best of friend, and my biggest reason to smile!


  1. Love this post!! It's been so hard on everyone around where we live in the job market..My dad got hit hard, and is now in security even though he had the same job for 28 yrs before that!!! But like everyone else, he wasn't immune to being laid off either. But it's what you do in the tough situations that makes you stronger, and brings families together!! Love, Jess

  2. I'm SO happy for you guys, this is such good news. I know what a relief this feeling is!