Friday, March 05, 2010

childhood memories

memories are some of my most precious possessions. i guess that is probably something easily recognizable about me... i'm a scrapbooker, right?! but sometimes things just hit me in the gut and drag me back to a time and place i remember and love. i get tingles and a smile creeps up on my face. music does that to me many times. and today i want to share one of those music memory moments with you.

her name is Susan Aglukark and she is an Inuit from northern canada. her voice is hauntingly sweet and memorable. i had a dream a few nights ago that included this scene from her video of the ice wall being broken down. and it just hit me... i need to find that CD. but i could not for the life of me remember her name. i asked my mum, i talked to friends, i searched and searched online but could not find her. but then i had a memory moment...

i remembered when i was little and would go up north to visit my dad in smithers, bc canada. we had good friends who had this album and she would play it loud from the house on warm summer days. so i sent her a message on facebook, and she remembered the artist's name!! this seriously made my day. so i've been listening to the songs online, ordered the cd, and also have a video i want to share with you!

thank you for taking this little journey with me.
it makes me happy today. and sometimes we need to hold on tight to the little things that make us happy!

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