Saturday, March 08, 2014

Project Life update


With my office in transition, and no time to set up my new Canon Selphy printer, I’ve been a little delayed in creating and sharing my pages. But with the help of my prolific instagramming habit and picture taking I’ve been able to put together my pages relatively quickly. Its time like these I’m glad I’ve got a great memory and take good notes!

So today I have 2014 weeks 3 and 4 to share with you. Again, I’m using my brush scripted week cards. Still working on what I’ll do to list the actual dates in there, but I’m sure something will come to me!

Here is Week 3.


On Monday we were finishing out our “date weekend” and drove home by way of Wenatchee. I did some work while we were driving and snapped this cool picture of what I dubbed my “mobile office.” We went to the new Public Market there in Wenatchee and enjoyed some gelato and bought some specialty olive oil. Then we went and saw The Book Thief.


On Tuesday we spent the afternoon in the dentist’s office waiting for Chris to be seen for an emergency visit. His face was swollen up so bad and he was in so much pain. He did like the dentist we eventually ended up seeing, so that was good. My sister Megan made a quick trip down that evening to pick up some merchandise for the spa. It was nice to see her even for just a little bit.


The rest of my week consisted of a couple really long days finishing up the HAZWOPER curriculum for an NICA class. There was editing of content and formatting of pages and printing of 20 books… a HUGE task. But I’m really proud of the finished product!

This week was also the one-year anniversary of having Gibson in our lives. We did a special photoshoot with our little one.

Then there was a party for our friends Jimmy and Marla. I wrote a bit about what their friendship means to us and how excited we are for the next part of their journey at Couple’s School.

Its amazing to me sometimes how much can get crammed into a week of my life. I love this project for being able to take things one picture or memory at a time and really savor it. I used a lot of the Sunshine Edition cards this week again, along with some stickers from my stash. I am getting to the point where I need to get a tray or something to house all my cards so I can see and use them.

And here is Week 4.


Week 4 was consumed by our HAZWOPER class. It is a 40 hour Advanced Disaster Site Worker that ended up being filled with Jehovah’s Witnesses, which made for a pretty special week. We used the curriculum I helped to build and prepare, did hands-on activities like Decon and barrel handling.


On Wednesday we didn’t provide a lunch like usual, we made the class eat food out of their Go-Bags! Made for a fun afternoon full of little cook stoves and 2000 calorie bars. I got to wear a cowboy hard hat the day we did our Confined Space training and I really enjoyed getting to know the teaching crew that Kris put together better. I learned a lot this week; lessons that will impact me for the rest of my life. This job is so valuable to me!


I added a picture of our On Sunday of this week Chris and I started another round of HCG and these are my starting pictures. Its been amazingly helpful to share pictures and stories from this journey the last few weeks. I’m glad for this space online I have to share.

Well, its back to the office rearranging for me! And maybe a few more layouts. I just love this project. 


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