Sunday, April 21, 2013

Project Life: my beginnings

For a long time now I have watched many different people (Ali Edwards and Elise in particular) work each week on their Project Life and share their pages. This concept for memory keeping created by Becky Higgins just really speaks to me. I have been inspired and wanted so badly to start on my own. And then with the world premier of Project Life on HSN I was able to! I got the complete kit for an incredible price and jumped right in.

So now its my turn to create and share and cultivate and record. I am so excited!

I decided to create an intro page as if I had began the project at the beginning of 2013. I don’t know if I’ll go back and document the first three months or not, but I wanted to leave that option available to me. I went back and found pictures of both of us from the beginning of the year to add. Went with a color scheme that spoke to me in the moment and I love how it turned out!


I got my kit in the mail with perfect timing… April 1st. And so here is my full spread for Week 14 of 2013.


I used a few cards from the Jade core kit and also just some of my stash. I like the idea of letting the week dictate the colors and embellishments that I use. That is working pretty good for me so far.


This week included getting my Project Life kit in the mail, playing with my puppy and his (totally needed) haircut. Chris went to the meeting in spite of dealing with the extreme pain of his kidney stone and gave his Russian Bible reading. So proud of him.

The second half of the week included an email from the Regional Manager at work that made me laugh out loud. She even used my “exaggeration” phrase! The journaling block tells the story of the guests we had for the weekend. This week I also went to the brand new Ross store in Moses Lake and bought us a new bed set. And then I got to go with the Bosnar family to their daughter’s performance of Die Fledermaus, a hysterical operetta. The Capital Theater in Yakima was spectacular and Ri completely stole the show. It was a very enjoyable evening.


One thing that Elise included in her Project Life during 2012 were these great quote cards. After the year was complete she shared a download of them all and I am excited to incorporate them into my Project Life pages this year.

I love the one I used for Week 15. I thought it matched perfectly!


Chris’ parents were visiting us for the week and they put in a small square of sod in the backyard for us. Its been an empty weed patch since we moved in (almost 2 years ago already) and just this little touch of green made me so happy! I got new glasses from again, and I think these ones are my favorites! And I just had to take a picture of these incredible trees…really shows that spring has arrived in our town.


During the week we enjoyed lots of good food and conversation with Chris’ parents…and from one such night this quote came from Glen. One of those “you had to be there moments” but its going to be an inside family joke for many years to come, I just have a feeling!! We were also so grateful to them for buying us a new washing machine. Both of our appliances died on us recently and we’d been going to the Laundromat. We had a set given to us from some friends, and the dryer works awesome! The washer…not so much. So Glen and Christa generously got us a new one. It was delivered on Friday and I was so happy to do laundry at home again!


Saturday we spent the afternoon with our friends Harold and April. We went to the new burger restaurant in Moses Lake and then saw Jurassic Park in 3D. Such a fun night!

And now I’m all caught up. My plan is to share my pages every Sunday. So next week I’ll have Week 16 up. This will give me an extra week to create my pages and prepare them to post. I am excited to be scrapbooking and creating again. It is a fun place to keep and save all the little things that we celebrate together every day. Thanks for taking a peek! 

Have you started Project Life yet?
What is your favorite part of the concept?
Thinking of starting?? Don’t wait! Just do it!


  1. OOH! I love it! You're going to keep on and enable me to order PL for myself! ;)

  2. Got my album and protectors in the mail last week! Along with my Citrus Twist PL sub, I'm set!

    So excited to start. Such a great way to pick up scrapping again.

  3. i love pl! last year was my 1st yr with it.
    fav part is keeping the little bits of life in there. stuff i wouldn't normally use for a scrapbook pg.
    p.s. i just posted a video on my blog of my 2012 album if you want to take a look =)