Thursday, April 11, 2013

The days that make you smile

I have had a some really great ones lately…days that make me smile so hard my cheeks hurt and pray in thanks of the wonderful ways that God makes things happen.


I am grateful for goose bump moments and connections that you never thought you’d make. For phone calls that change the momentum and direction of life and bring everything into perspective. For visits with family and generous gifts that make a hard thing a little bit easier. And for new glasses….they’re not ‘rose-colored’ but things sure do look brighter as I look through them.

Incredible opera productions are making me happy, and time spent with friends, and the beginning of spring, and eating amazing food, and coming home to a little bit of a lawn started in the backyard. I love grandma’s that bring little puppies new toys and work opportunities that speak to my heart. I savor the chance the slow down and take it all in for just a moment and write about it…these days that make me smile, and…

The way he loves me through it all.


  1. Yay! I love when everything finally falls into place!

  2. aw, this is so positive and refreshing!