Thursday, April 25, 2013

Around here


What’s on my….

VANITY: A bookmark with a scripture on it I was given at my grandmother’s memorial, a photographer’s business card, 3 bottles of perfume and the elephant necklace Marta gave me.

PERSONAL TO-DO LIST: Get back to blogging more, taking pictures with my big camera, finish last week’s Project Life spread and hug my husband…that’s an important one!

FRIDGE SHELVES: Rice milk, Spanish olives, homemade Caesar salad dressing, cream cheese with no bagels to put it on and eggs for Chris that I wish I could eat too.

ITINERARY: Opening weekend of Fahrenheit 451 (the play Chris is in) and Special Assembly Day all in the same weekend. Also looking forward to our employee appreciation even in Spokane in May and then heading up to Canada in June for our anniversary and the convention.

FANTASY ITINERARY: Sleep… perhaps on a cruise ship.

PLAYLIST: Kacey Musgraves and episodes of The Voice.

NIGHTSTAND: Vicks vapor rub to help me sleep and all the bobby pins that I take out of my hair. That’s where they end up. And everything else has been moved to “puppy proof” the bedroom. He got to my glasses…that didn’t make me too happy.

PHONE: Pictures and videos of my puppy. Texts from my mom and my love and messages about my cousin’s new baby girl.

TOP 5 LIST: 1) Working from home full time. 2) Recognizing contentment. 3) Enough time and money to make our house into what we imagine. 4) Health for me and my husband. 5) Being brave.

BUCKET LIST: Take Chris to Maui. Write music together. Spend more time with my family. Try different types of food.

MIND: Medical bills piling up. My huge to-do list. Looking forward to visiting and sitting by my mom at the assembly on Saturday. Hoping to get to Wenatchee to see the new baby. Wishing we could put a fence up in our yard.

WALLS: I have my clock collection (but pared down quite a bit) in the living room and a big inspiration board in my office.

LIQUOR SHELF: Wine from our wedding with special labels, some Captain Morgan’s and Fetzer Gewürztraminer (my favorite).

LAST CREDIT CARD STATEMENT: Car tires and alignment and groceries.

SCREENSAVER: The fliqlo clock. I love the simplicity of it and haven’t changed it in years.

TV EVERY NIGHT: We don’t have regular TV anymore, and we rarely watch it during the week (which was the point of getting rid of our Dish). But I do catch some shows on HULU. I’m liking Go On and Nashville right now.

A fun fill-in-the-blank post idea from Kal. What are your answers?



  1. I enjoyed reading this. I have been really thinking about getting back to blogging. I might play along with this later. :)

  2. very nice. I am Kim Jeffreys Friend of Heather K.