Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Week 4


a smile I used to hide behind,
now real...
a home I thought I'd never know,
now found...
a true love I used to dream about,
now mine...
so this is how contentment feels.


This poem is rather bittersweet to me, knowing what I know now…knowing how the rest of 2010 turned out. That “home” we found wasn’t the place we got to call our own, and I had to fake quite a few more smiles through some tough battles. But the truth that I have come to realize now looking back, is that “contentment” is something you are on the inside. It’s a way of living life. Its choosing to see and feel the good rather than to focus on the bad. And I am so glad that this blog has turned into a space where I can do that. Celebrate the everyday and inspire true contentment in others. Each day is a gift, and that alone is reason to smile for real.

Has what you’ve been through altered how you approach life?
Would you change how things turned out, or are you grateful for the lessons learned?
What does “contentment” mean to you?

Wondering about this post? I am sharing my 52weeks project from 2010 each week on my blog and analyzing the image and the poem with fresh eyes two years later. For an explanation of the project and to start at the beginning click HERE.

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