Saturday, April 09, 2011

i love me some jasmine star

anyone else out there been viewing the creativeLIVE class these last two days with Jasmine Star

let me tell you, i cannot turn away.  i am just totally enthralled.  i know i've talked about her before on my blog, but its on my mind so i wanted to write some again. 

she is so REAL.  and there is something about her that gets me fired up! the course is called Building Your Wedding Photography Business.  and this girl has the knowledge!  she's been through it, lived it and is succeeding.  and what makes her so great is that she wants and needs to share what she's learned through the process.  and although im not necessarily a 'wedding photographer' exclusively, i have learned sooooo much about how i want to proceed with my business and how i can

with the things i've learned in just yesterday and today, along with what i've been learning in my IndieBiz class, i am defining and honing my voice.  i am collecting the things that make me me.  i am seeing myself as an artist and i want to grow and share even more.  

some jasmine quotes i've loved and want to share:

"its not the tool you use, but how you use the tool to be yourself."

"you are becoming a better photographer if you invest in yourself too."

"the best thing you can do for your business is take big risks."

"your style and voice help build your brand."

"get up and get uncomfortable" 
"under promise and over deliver!!" 

the class is incredible!!  and you can purchase it for $79 for a couple more hours today and then it goes up to $99.  but let me tell you, its so worth it!!  jasmine talks so sooooo fast!  but you know what, when she talks fast it gets my heart rate up and makes me eager to pay attention.  i need to listen closer to get everything i can get! 

anyone else been watching and want to share their thoughts??  i'd love to hear your thoughts on it!

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  1. I'm so frustrated i only caught bits and pieces because of internet connections and obviously having a ton to do here in Nicaragua but i really want to finish it. Guess I will have some begging to do to Kelly so that I can see the rest of it