Thursday, April 07, 2011

oh yes....this is happening

so my blog is beginning to look like my life:  all about house!!  im thinking maybe you (my readers...are you there still??!!) might be getting a little tired of it.  but honestly, i've got nothing else to share!  LOL.  this is it, my whole life right now. 

but seriously, how exciting is this right??  im excited!! 

so i started packing back in september...when everything fell through with our other place.  i was just done emotionally with the whole thing.  but now im packing with a renewed vigor!!  chris and i have spent some evenings this last week working on organizing the rest of the stuff in our house and packing up what we won't need for the next couple weeks. 
we don't have that much stuff so we're making quick work of it.  and i think its going to be interesting to unpack once we move in.  to see all that stuff that's been in boxes since september.  i obviously don't need it in my life, right?!  so maybe this is a good time to purge too.  im excited about the unpacking part too!

in other news:  our new house is now GRIME!!  :P
 ohhhh!!!  we just LOVE IT!!  this is exactly what we wanted!

on monday of next week we have New Homeowner Orientation with the builder.  im assuming we'll learn things like: what does this switch do?  where is this?  how does that work?  im really looking forward it!  this is so happening! 

can you tell i'm excited!? 

so i was wondering, do any of you have some tips for me??  home-owner tips??  i'd so appreciate it! 

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