Wednesday, March 30, 2011


our offer was ACCEPTED!!!
we did our earnest money deposit.  the mortgage company is verifying our employment.  the title has been ordered and we have signed SO MANY PAPERS!  lol.

and then we got to pick the paint color for the outside of the house.   we knew we wanted something in the green family.  and something dark with white trim. 

and this is the color we picked after literally 4 minutes of discussion.  our real estate lady was shocked and how little time it took us.  we were like:  "this one or this one?"  "i think this one"  "that's my favorite too"  "okay, perfect."  "this is the color we want!"

its called "grime"  which cracks us up...but i think its going to look so great with white trim and will really stand out in our new neighborhood.

we are sooooo excited!!  its finally happening!!  we're going to be homeowners. :) 


  1. How awesome! Congratulations!!

  2. Congratulations!!! Enjoy the process of getting your new home! :)

  3. WOOHOOO!!!! I know this has been a long process for you guys! CONGRATS!!!!