Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the pioneer woman

one of my favorite places online has always been The Pioneer Woman.  the woman behind it all, Ree Drummond, shares recipes, photography (and free actions!!), stories of her life on the ranch with her big family and stays real.  one of my favorite reads from her blog was her real life love story which she called "black heels to tractor wheels" and did it in a series of blog posts.  it was quirky, it was sweet, it was real and i (obviously) wasn't the only one who loved the story.

she turned her blog posts into a book!

and i have a signed copy!!!
now, i wish i could tell you all the story about how i went to a book signing and got to meet Ree and have my picture taken with her and then you'd all be jealous of me, right?!  lol.  unfortuantely, that story is not mine to tell.  but it does belong to my online friend and fellow SFTIO member, Kai!  hop on over and read her story HERE.  and yes, i was soooo jealous!

but the cool thing was Kai decided to do a giveaway with the books she got signed.  and i was like, "sign me up!!"  and i won!!  score!

i got my book in the mail just yesterday and im almost finished already.  im sure this will be a book i re-read and read again.  im glad its in my personal library!

thanks for picking my name from your blog for the giveaway Kai.  it made my day!

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