Thursday, April 14, 2011

things i love thursday

once again its my favorite day of the week!  THURSDAY!!  my actual real life thrusdays aren't as exciting and full of fun as they used to be a few years ago, but i can make them fun here on my blog by sharing all the stuff im {loving} and am drawn to currently!

this super cute wedding invitation!  everyone got send a DVD with this video on it.  genius!!  i think its a unique way to share who they are as a couple.

erin + maclean || wedding invite from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.

this new e-course from Rachel Denbow could not have come at a more perfect time!!  we should be in our house within the next couple weeks and i can't wait to make it our home!  the description of the course sounds so detailed and full of ideas and inspiration.  hopefully i'll be able to purchase it soon and make good use of it. :)

the incredibly detailed and unique custom charcoal portraits from brittany wood of LadyBop.  um, yes please!!  thinking these would be amazing in our bedroom.  who would you have a portrait done of??

im swooning over these calligraphy address stamps.  they sure would make a lovely housewarming gift! (wink*wink)  hehe.  but no, seriously...aren't they gorgeous??  i would love this as a font too!

the Top 150 Makers blog list.  this is a compiled list of design, inspiration and DIY blogs that everyone is reading!  i have a bunch of them in my google reader, but im seriously exploring the rest of this list.  head on over to see all the lovely blogs.  thanks evie s. for creating and sharing this list!!  are you on the list??  she's got buttons you can add to your blog to promote it too. :)

happy thursday everyone!  lets make it a great day!


  1. Cool list!! that wedding invite has to be the FUNNEST thing EVER! I love how amazing and personal weddings have gotten. I saw a set of photos from a San Francisco couple that was wild west themed. She wore a red satin dance-hall dress... AWESOME!

  2. I love love love that wedding invite!! what a neat idea! I want to see what their actual wedding is like now. off to check out some of those top 150 I think