Friday, April 15, 2011

hair happiness & a bit about me

this morning my alarm went off 15 minutes earlier than i needed so i just stayed in bed awhile and read blogs on my phone.  i came across this super cute hair tutorial from Katie of Skunkboy Creatures.
she has the prettiest hair (and eyebrows!) but the length of hers is pretty close to mine right now, so i thought i'd give it a try.

i got out of bed, grabbed a couple little elastics and a bobby pins and in to time at all had a fun hairstyle for my day.  and i just had to take some pictures to share of course.

now that im all set with a hair style for the day, i thought i'd share just five things about me you might now know:
  1. I picked up my camera yesterday for the first time in a month.  dude!  i felt like part of me was missing.
  2. I love bellybuttons.  like a lot.  yeah, i know its kinda weird. 
  3. Being Erica is my favorite 'just for fun' show on HULU. 
  4. I work wednesday thru saturday and a payday loan and check cashing store.  and i work by myself most of the time.  i don't think i could go back to a normal job where i have to share a space with other people.  i like complete control of the heat/air conditioning! 
  5. My husband, Chris and I were born on separate ends of the continent.  i was born in northern British Columbia Canada, and he was born in Florida!  amazing that we met and fell in love, eh?  im sure happy about it. 
 feel like playing along??  with either the hair style or the list??  link me up!  i'd love to see.
have a wonderful friday!!

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