Saturday, April 16, 2011


ever since i finished and published my 52weeks book (a journey of photography and poetry from 2010) i have been looking for ways to share it with more people.  i thought that sponsoring some of my favorite blogs might be just the ticket! 

this month im a sponsor over at kara's blog I Just Might Explode.  she is an inspiration to me in life and in creativity.  she's currently in New York going to art school there.  wow!  what an experience.  on the 15th Kara did a post on her blog called "A Word from our Sponsors" and i love how it turned out and all the answers her sponsor gave. 

the collage i created for her feature
hop on over to read my answer to her question:  Is there a color combination/pattern/trend that has been inspiring you recently? What is it and why?

and don't forget to check out my book.  i'd be honored!  :) 
hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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