Sunday, February 28, 2010

we'll be friends for life

this crazy, fun, kind online world i have found through the art of scrapbooking has lead me to the sweetest girl. she blogs. she scrapbooks. she takes pictures. she creates. and she swaps with me!!! her name is dani...and i'm sooo glad that i "met" her.

we decided to do a swap. create some things for each other. share some of our hearts with each other. and i have been changed by her kind words and gifts to me. here is a picture of what i sent to her:
i included some papers that i had that i knew she would love. a scrappy music mix full of songs that i love to listen to while scrapbooking. some glitter and other embellishments. a little mini-book with a mix of quotes, images turned into polaroids and space for her to add her thoughts too. and then i made her a calendar on scrapblog. when we decided to do a swap, we just said... ok, pick something from our flickr accounts and create with that. but i couldn't pick only one image! so i used some of my favorites and turned them into pages for a calendar called: "the girl who..."

here is the blog post she did about what i sent to her. her kind words made my day...

and i received my box of goodies from her this week. and let me tell you... to hold something she's made is my own hands was like magic. seeing her work online is nothing like seeing it in person.
there is so much texture... so much feeling put into each one of her pieces. i am honored to have one just for me. thank you dani, for creating this for me and about me. you make me blush. i have hung this on my inspiration/motivation board next to my bed along with the two ATCs she made me too.
dani and i have had many conversations about positive thinking, and how attitudes can change our world and being authentic. that is the theme behind the ATC's. they say: "be bold" and "seek peace" and they are just what i need to see each morning when i wake up. she knows me so well!

she also sent me a couple things as gifts for our new home, and in response to a comment i made on her blog. i got an artful blogging magazine and a sumerset memories magazine, both magazines that i can not find anywhere in my area. i am reading through them slowly to savor each beautiful page. dude, i think i need a subscription! :) she sent me a beautiful little hand-carved elephant as well. i collect elephants, and this one made my heart jump. its just perfect!

and then, as i'm opening my box of goodies, there is a small package and into my hand falls a heart made of sea glass in the most brilliant blue color. i sighed. held it close. and thanked the universe for a friend like this.
it has a calming effect on my heart.

she also hand-made me a scarf. it is beautiful and sooo me! cuz i'm a scarf-girl you know. :) but i'm going to save it for my 52 weeks picture next week, so you'll be able to see it then. its lovely and i can't wait to share it.

so thank you dani, for your friendship, your sweet soul, and for being yourself. i am honored to know you.

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  1. Awww, thanks sweets.

    I'm so glad you didn't already have those mags. I love them. Somerset Memories also has digi stuff so I was thinking you got the best of both worlds there!

    I've already gushed enough about this, so I'll stop now, but I'm so glad we did this, even though it took me forever and a day! :)