Saturday, February 27, 2010

503 Online Photography Workshop

i would like to take this time to share a little bit more about one of my favorite things from 2009! it was the 503Photography workshop that i won!!

Jessica of 503Photography is not only uber talented and skilled with her camera, but she is the best teacher! the theme for her workshop: "turning wannabes into photographers one workshop at a time." does this sound like something for you?? well, visit HERE for more information about her workshops.

so what makes this workshop so special? i know, there are soooo many photography classes out there... but the difference here is: you actually LEARN!!! i have been interested in photography since i was a little girl. i have taken many classes through the years, even in high school. but i never learned as much as i did from this class. jessica put technical terms into easy to understand and use language. i'm no newbie to photography, but she made me feel confidant with my camera in my hands. so confidant, in fact, that just a couple months after finished this course i did my very first paid photoshoot and started branding my photography business.

i know that i will always cherish the things jessica taught me in this class. and i will keep my notebook that i made handy! and once i get my new camera (a anniversary present, hopefully!!) i will refer back to the lessons and use them to prompt my learning with a new camera.
so please!!! if you're thinking about taking a photography course, even just dreaming about it, visit jessica's workshop. the 503 Online Photography Workshop will change how you take pictures... and when people say "wow, did you take that?" you will proudly answer "yes, i sure did!"

here is one of my favorite pictures i took as assignments from the class.

maybe a 503 Online Photography Workshop could be your favorite part of 2010!! :D


  1. congrats on your win -- I can see why you won: that photo is pure delight!

    thanks for the photo workshop info, i'm passing it along to my bestie, who is an aspiring fotog :)

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how you won the workshop yet still took it totally seriously. You are one of my favoritist & most memorable students ever. Hugs & kisses to you!