Monday, March 01, 2010

FEBRUARY 2010: i watched the team i was rooting for win the superbowl, bought a new scent for myself, dove into my class work and have a goal to finish it by june 1st, got stressed out about rehearsals for the play, got strep throat and a sever cold that lasted for 3 weeks, had a lovely visit with my canadian family, didn't sing nearly as much as i wanted to, ate homemade pizza, had no money to pay bills for the second february in a row, helped my mum through some hardships, decided spring has arrived, read a couple really great books in a day, was made assistant choreographer for our play, dreamed of tattoos and dreadlocks, touched up my blonde hair, went on a road trip to canada, enjoyed warmer weather, was in and out of sync with my husband, finished up my second month of 52week pictures, survived a family emergency, watched my littlest sister get baptized, was given a desktop computer by my father-in-law, worked in ellensburg for a day, was blown away by how fast my hair grows, helped develop the idea for our play poster, started buying gold at work, ate some gross microwave popcorn, and took pictures along the way. it was a good month.

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