Saturday, January 02, 2010

*2009 Year in Review*
January 2009
-chris and i went to oregon for our friend's derek and nina's wedding

-drove home in the middle of a crazy snow storm!!
-spent a day scrapbooking with marta and lisa and created so many pages that are still favorites of mine
-did a "month of diptychs" with the darlin Dani.... they can be found HERE.
-went to an Adele concert in Seattle with Marta and so started a new close friendship :)

February 2009
-continued to create many scrapbook pages
-i was asked to join the team over at Scrap Outside the Box

March 2009
-i joined the {things i love} thursday group on Flickr and made it a (almost) weekly post here on my blog. my flickr faves are found HERE.
-the spring crocuses bloomed
-i had fun playing with pola-droid and polyvore editor
-my friend Abi asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding and we had her bridal shower
-i cleaned and organized my scrapbooking "closet" and had lots to donate

April 2009
-i designed a few more blogs for friends and design teams. see a complete collection of them HERE.
-i rediscovered my mum's old film camera and took some pictures that i just love
-i won a couple blog giveaways and challenge blog prompts this month and received some awesome prizes.
-chris and i went to whidbey island to visit his grandparents. we love road trips!!
-we took fun pictures during our trip

May 2009
-i colored my hair red! LOVED IT
-Nate and Abi got married and chris and i were both in the wedding party
-i did my very first photoshoot with Marta.

June 2009
-had some crazy summer rain storms
-did a photoshoot with marta and her sisters
-we moved into our new house!!!
-i started my 503photography workshop that i won... worth $200! totally learned so much. i would recommend this class to anyone!

-we celebrated our 2 year anniversary on the 22nd.
-my canadian family came for a visit and to see our new house

July 2009
-i modeled jewelry for a website and had a blast at the photoshoot

-my cousin whitney got engaged. :)
-i asked my friend mathea to model for me as part of my homework from my 503wkshp. here is my favorite picture of her:
-i participated in the Scott Kelby worldwide photowalk here in Ephrata. this was my entry for the project. i got first place for our town. :)
-my cousin hannah colored my hair again, adding some blonde highlights to my red
- i decided i am a scarf girl, and started wearing scarves all the time. still loving them!
-i learned how to add textures to my pictures in picnik. love editing my photos there.

August 2009
-i came to grips with a lot of things that had happened the last year. felt better about it then, and even better now!
- i turned 23 and completed my list of: 22 things i learned at 22. (to be scrapbooked!)
-i decided to take a break from blogging... :( read my "farewell" post HERE.

September 2009
-i created my favorite mini all about my collections. the tutorial for how to make it came from Rachel Denbow's "Steady Hands, Fauly Heart" class.
-Kaelah asked me to be her Maid-of-Honor in her wedding. she married brandon on sept 12th.

-i had so much fun and loved reconnecting with my canadian friends and making new Australian ones!! :D
-chris and i went to BC for my cousin Whitney's wedding. it was soooo beautiful! it was great to see all the family and canadian friends again. :D
all photos by carmen of Fresh Photos who i got to meet and totally love. :)

October 2009
-i discovered and went crazy turning all my photos into "polaroid" looking pictures
-on Oct 10th my brother Michael's baby was born. her name is Riley.
-i did my very first paid photoshoot for SHADY*lane photography with the Anderson Family.
-i took Kimmie B and Rhi's classes called "MirrorMirror" all about self-portraits and art journaling. there were some aweosme prompts. my favorite was "alter-ego" here is my picture for it:

November 2009
-i joined Tumblr in hopes of feeling connected to the blogging world again. it helped for awhile and i like how my page turned out!
-a brother and sister in our congregation bought us a washer and dryer. i was soooo excited not to have to go to the laundromat anymore!!
-i delivered pictures to the Andersons and worked on branding for my photography company and created cd labels and business cards
-my sister Megan came back from Australia and her and katrina came for a visit. we scheduled a sister photoshoot with marta. i LOVE how our pictures turned out!!
-chris was in his first play in the local theater here in soap lake. he was Sir Luce in the musical comedy "Once upon a mattress" he had a blast and i'm so proud of him!!

December 2009
-i cut off all my hair and bleached it blonde!! totally glad i did!

-marta and i took more pictures of each other. she is such a great friend!!

all in all 2009 was an interesting year. lots of things happened that i will treasure, learn from, continue to use, invest in, and love.
but i am soooo looking forward to 2010.

and i hope you all will be there with me!!
thanks for coming along through my year in review. it was fun. and i got to post some of the things i missed while i wasn't blogging. :D


  1. CUTE pictures girl!
    Your year was so eventful..
    Here's wishing you a very happy new year.

  2. I enjoyed your year in review. Great idea! Nice to have you back in the blogging world!! :)

  3. thanks for the props & welcome back to blog-land! missed you & hope our next meeting will include a full conversation.

  4. You had a great year! I cant believe you are BLONDE!!!