Friday, January 01, 2010

welcoming 2010

with a smile, an open heart, and an eager mind....

so for my first act in 2010 i am blogging again!!
i think these last few blogger-free months have been a nice breather for me, but i am ready to write again. while i've been away i took a class offered by called "blogging for scrapbookers." i didn't really participate in the prompts then, but i've been saving some of my favorite ideas to incorporate in my blog now. and if i run out of ideas, we were given a full year's list of blog post prompts!

another one of my undertakings for the year 2010 is a self-portrait project i'm calling 52weeks.

i have played a lot with taking self-portraits this last year, contemplated starting a 365 project (a picture a day) but decided that i would probably enjoy this format a little bit more. i will be sharing one self-portrait every week of the year. i have started another blog just for this project. you can find it HERE. my goal is to learn more about photography, editing, and myself through this project. i am also going to be writing poetry to go along with each photo. i want to dig deep and be creative with this project. sooo excited! so please follow that blog, and look for my pictures on Flickr as well!

i want to thank all of my friends in the online world for their continued support and friendship. it has been such a treat getting to know all of you better in 2009 and i hope that we'll stay close through the new year too!

HI ALL..... its so good to be back!

<3 shaina


  1. I am very happy to see you back in Blog land:) Yay!!!!!! Happy 2010.

  2. Yay!!! This makes me happyyyyy!!!! You have been missed in blogworld. I can't wait to see what you have in store for 2010! Love you! Happy New Year!!!!

  3. thanks so much all of you! its good to be back! <3