Tuesday, August 18, 2009


22 things i learned at 22
  1. I love making coffe.
  2. changing my hair color a lot is good for my soul.
  3. There is nothing as powerful as true forgiveness.
  4. With my photography I can capture my point of view as art.
  5. There is magic in September sunsets.
  6. There is nothing like the look your true love gives.
  7. Being nice to people can sometimes lead to chocolate!
  8. Getting older means that your younger siblings get married…but its okay cuz they ask you to take pictures for them!
  9. Sometimes dreams really do come true: in the form of a brand new car.
  10. The concept of “going to school” from home is really nice…but a lot harder to follow through with.
  11. I love walking hand in hand with the love of my life through the fallen leaves.
  12. Sometimes “stay”cations make the best vacations.
  13. Even in the face of economic crisis true love can remain strong, and grow.
  14. Apartments full of mold make for pretty lousy, sick filled winters.
  15. There is nothing like Happy Mail!
  16. Flickr is so full of inspiration.
  17. My style of scrapping is uniquely my own…and that’s a good thing.
  18. Alcohol poisoning is not fun.
  19. Being a part of weddings brings me so much joy.
  20. The blogging community is full of wonderful, supportive, kind and generous people. I have made many a friend.
  21. If I can’t be a professional singer, I can at least belt it out every week at karaoke.
  22. “Forgetting the things behind and stretching forward to the things ahead.” –Phil 3:13


  1. Oh, how I love this!!! Great list!!! I hope you had a happy day!!! xoxo

  2. I LOVE your baby photo! Cutie pie! Great list! And hope you learn fun stuff for your next year!

  3. Happy 23rd girl! Hope to see you at SFTIO soon - we miss you! Mwah~

  4. GREAT list, and I love the two pics!

  5. So sweet- I learned a bunch of these things this year too! And I would love to see some of those wedding photos, I'm working as a second shooter on my first wedding this Saturday, I'd love to see what you came up with for inspiration!

  6. This is totally awesome. Cute...inspirational...could I possibly ask for more?

  7. Your pics are gorgoues! Welcome back to SFTIO!

  8. happy bday! i just turned 26 on the 4th and made a list of 26 things I want to do for my 26th yr lol. lists+numbers=goood times =) LOL

  9. I hope you had an amazing birthday love.

    Would you believe I've never made coffee in my life? Don't have the slightest idea how either.
    Actually... I've only ever really had like three sips of the stuff anyways!