Monday, August 17, 2009


all i can say: i cried so hard!
me...NO! never. :P

it was a beautiful film.... touching story, beautiful images, and a total tear-jerker.
i simply loved it.
(thanks marta for inviting me to go with you and for the evening we had. it was good to talk!)

now i want to read the book...well, i want chris to read the book to me. we just finished up "revenge of the sith" (see previous post with scrapbook page about my boy reading to me!) and now i think its fair for me to pick!
*evil smile*
i think he'll probably even like it.
now the hard part will be finding a copy.....

*i also really love left-over movie popcorn. just a side-note. :)

in other news: SOTB has a new challenge up!! its all about using different book or notebook pages. there are some pretty awesome projects up over there, so you should definatly check it out and play along.
here is my page:

my mum took these photos of us awhile ago, but they are still some of my favorites. :)

i this little survey thing on ally's blog and thought it would be a fun one to do. :) feel free to copy-paste and play along yourself!! and make sure you link me up if you do, cuz i'd love to read yours too. :)

*8 Things*
8 things im looking forward to:
  1. KK's wedding and being her maid-of-honor
  2. seeing all of my family at my cousin whitney's wedding
  3. turning 23 tomorrow
  4. teaching at my ASL class tonight
  5. singing at karaoke again as soon as possible!
  6. my At-Home America party in a week and a half
  7. getting my green card application all finished up
  8. road-tripping with my RD! (i'm craving some Ian Tyson music...)
8 things i did yesterday:
  1. went to the meeting in the morning
  2. did all the songs in ASL
  3. hung out with my bestie taya and had chinese food for lunch
  4. went to the time traveler's wife with marta
  5. ate dinner with marta at this new bistro in moses lake
  6. had a lovely heart-to-heart with my friend
  7. missed meeting up with my mum and dad :(
  8. watched comedy with the boy when i got home
8 things i wish i could do:
  1. cook better...
  2. take baby portraits of my friends new baby
  3. get all the bills paid
  4. sing as a professional and not just at karaoke
  5. guarantee chris a full-time position driving bus this school year
  6. hug my mum
  7. give up caffine
  8. complete my medical transcriptionist course within a reasonable amount of time
8 TV shows i watch:
  1. house (so excited for the new season to start next month!)
  2. fringe (ditto!)
  3. lie to me*
  4. so you think you can dance (again with a new fall season!)
  5. dear genevive on HGTV (she's my favorite designer)
  6. hawthorne (jada pinket smith's show on TNT. so good)
  7. in plain sight.
  8. how i met your mother (my guilty sit-com addiction)
8 things i collect:
  1. elephants
  2. scarfs
  3. nancy drew books (i have the full orriginal set)
  4. scrapbooking supplies
  5. cute coffee mugs
  6. awesome friends :)
  7. McDonalds cups in the back seat of my car.... its an addiction. :P
  8. magazines i added that last one, but i thought it was fun.
play along!

i hope you all have a wonderful week.
i'll be in yakima on wednesday getting fingerprinted for my green card renewal so i won't have a post for you then.
miss ya!


  1. omgosh i saw time traveler's wife this weekend too and wow, totally cried like the entire time. i remember when the trailer first came out, i cried watching that too! i read the book a while ago and i HIGHLY suggest you do the same. it's sooo different, and as usual i think the books is a thousand times better. but the movie captured the big ideas, which was great. i'm happy you liked it too!

  2. im glad you liked the movie! I am going to see it with my friend this week, i havent read the book.

    love the 8 things list, im gonna do a blog post with it.

  3. Have you seen JAne Austen Book Club? there's a very sweet scene with a hubby reading to his wife.

  4. I haven't seen this movie, but I've been seeing the commercials - I'd prob cry too!!... Love the LO w/that masking tape frame...and love those lists you made. Hope you have a great day today!

  5. hey cute 8 things post!!! liked reading your answers :-)

  6. The Time Traveler's Wife looks so good! I want to see it. : ) Also, I did your 8 Things game on my blog. : )

  7. I love leftover popcorn : )

  8. Loooovvveee that he reads to you. TTW will actually be a great couple read. Did he see the movie w/ you? I read the book a year or so ago. Hope they didn't wreck it, it was an AWESOME book. Hit it now!!!

  9. Hahahahahaaaaa
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who loved this movie. I'm going to see it again tonight!

  10. I loved this movie.
    I love the book better of course, and I will say, that the book is much more... hmmm.... it's not as fluffy as the movie? maybe? I just mean, you will learn a lot more about the characters, and not such lovely stuff but it's REAL stuff, and that's what's important. Probably one of my very favorite books. I've read it so many times.
    I did love the movie though - and they couldn't possibly have told a story that made sense and include everything from the book (the stuff that made it a bit grittier) in the movie, so I love what they did with it! I cried and cried and cried!
    (and I still bawl everytime I read the book too, lol.)

  11. Oh! I forgot to say, Neil has also read this and he really enjoyed it. He really liked Henry's character and the growth he goes through after her meets Claire for the first time (well, his first time, in "real" time or whatever.)

  12. i just scrolled thru ur blog and didn't realize we had something weird in common - finishing up greencard application!
    How did it go? I'm hoping to finish mine within the next two days its a bit intimidating.
    I hope u come back to blogging soon...eff the ppl who don't support u i've changed blogs before for that reason and i refuse to do it again - as far as i can see on ur blog u NEVER overshare!!! wtf? ppl need to get a GRIP.
    if u need to talk i'm here