Friday, January 09, 2015

To be wholehearted...

For the past few years I have chosen a word at the beginning of January, and shared it visibly on my blog in hopes of using it to guide and define the upcoming months...a One Little Word. My words have been: begin, flourish, abundance, and last year was thrive

For 2015 the word "wholehearted" is what I've chosen...or what has chosen me. Its first big impact was through Brene Brown's TED talk on vulnerability. Its a must-watch if you haven't seen it yet! She is a researcher/storyteller who spent a long time researching vulnerability, shame and connection. So much of her words resonated with me. 

I wanted to find myself in her manilla folder full of "wholehearted" people. People who live from a deep sense of worthiness; a belief that they are worthy of love and belonging. That concept resonates with me so intensely. One of my favorite things she said in her talk was an explanation of the meaning of courage. It comes from the Latin word: cour; meaning "heart" and its original definition was to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart. And that is what I want to do in 2015...what I want to do in my whole life. 

To be courageous and live wholeheartedly. And through this vulnerability, embrace the gift of true connection. 

wholehearted [hohl-hahr-tid] - adjective: 1) fully or completely sincere, enthusiastic, energetic; hearty; earnest. 2) done, acted, given, etc. with total sincerity, enthusiasm or commitment. 3) unconditional commitment, unstinting devotion or unreserved enthusiasm; genuine and true. 

I aspire to be wholehearted in my relationships, in my worship, in my decisions and in my art. I feel a need to lean into living and loving fully. I yearn to be enthusiastic for the things that fill my days. I long to give of myself to the important people in my life, to my friends, to people in my community and to my dream clients with total sincerity. I want to be genuine. I crave truth. I desire to be authentic. 

And then once this word really clasped on to me, it kept coming up in so many places. I saw it in scriptures I was reading, like Joshua 14:8 and Jeremiah 29:13. Quotes with my word came up naturally on Pinterest. I searched through the #wholehearted hashtag on Instagram and was so touched. I knew this was my word

Now that we are a few days in to 2015, it has already helped to guide me in a few ways. It motivated me to get out my front door on days when that was the last thing I thought I could do. Each day I have committed to and followed-through on reading a portion of the Bible. My intention is to read the whole Bible this year. I have even found myself giving emotionally when I thought I had nothing left to give, and being filled up in return even more, because of it. And to all of these beautiful, little moments I say: YES! This is what I hope for. This is what I invite more of into my life. 

To life wholeheartedly. To be wholehearted. To tell the story of who I am with my whole heart. 

Photo by Bre Rachelle Photography
Have you chosen a One Little Word for 2015? 
Share in the comments! I'd love to hear about it and why you picked it.


  1. Sounds like the perfect word for 2015. My word this year is Choose. I've been feeling a bit stuck and want to feel more in control of my life/emotions/habits/career etc. Before I even knew about OLW, I had a year of personal growth where I felt very connected to the word Choose, I even had it tattooed on my wrist as a reminder. So I'm hoping I can recapture that feeling.

  2. Shaina!! I looove this post. I love your word! And I love that you love Brene Brown's TED Talks. She is amazing. I tear up almost every time I listen to it. The courage part is breathtaking. You win the award for best word choice ever :)

  3. What a beautiful word to choose for the new year! Brene Brown's TED talk was a huge inspiration to me as well. It sounds like wholehearted has already guided you in a good direction in 2015.