Monday, December 08, 2014

Intimate Leavenworth Wedding: Gerie + Brandon

She is strong and sweet and openhearted. He is kind and giving and a firefighter. I was honored to be their wedding photographer. And I'm grateful to call them friends. 

Their special day was earlier this year in Leavenworth, WA. They booked a huge house for the occasion and their family and closest friends were invited for the weekend. Everyone all got ready together and the house was full of laughter, some country music and at one point, the Macarena. 

I will never forget showing Gerie the picture I took of her shoes...she got tears in her eyes, and in that moment she became a bride. A stunningly beautiful bride. 

We casually walked around the grounds taking some portraits of the bride and groom. They never stopped smiling. And then it was time to make it official. They didn't really have a plan for where they wanted the ceremony, so they just asked me what would be the best for pictures. It had begun to rain a little, so I suggested the back deck. We set up a few chairs and their dear friend officiated the bringing together of their two families. As they said their vows the sun pierced through the clouds and the rain stopped and it was magic. 

And then we ate, and danced and everyone took a turn speaking to Brandon and Gerie's love and friendship and hopes for their future. It was such a special, personal, intimate day, and I was so privileged to be involved. 


  1. What a beautiful wedding! You did a great job on the photos, as always! :)

  2. The view is unbeatable - you can literally see the entire city for miles out. We had a winter wedding and the snow on top of the buildings was just gorgeous.