Tuesday, December 09, 2014

My Favorite Memory of 2014

You guys, its December 9, 2014. 

Are you serious? Yeah... it's almost 2015, and I sometimes still write 2013 on my checks. This is kinda crazy-pants! 

But here we are...and oh what a year it's been. 

I wanted to share my favorite memory from 2014. To chronicle it. To savor it. To embolden my ability to tell the stories of my life. 

There wasn't anything necessarily particular about the weekend of September 20th. But I was literally  diving head first into the hardest month of my life. Not to be overly dramatic, or anything. Just stating facts here. And so I needed to get out of town. Or "get out of Dodge" as they say... 

So we packed up our pillows and our puppy and drove the almost 2 hours north to my parents house. Dad was away, so it was a bonus that we got to keep mom company. But there I was...in a house I used to call home with the 2 people (and 2 dogs) that love me more than anyone else in the world. My husband and my mom. 

Saturday morning came easy... we slept in. Had some eggs for breakfast. And took our first cups, of what would end up being 4 pots of coffee, out to the front porch. And for the first time in a long time I smiled for real...and breathed in deep what it felt like to just be

I didn't put a bra on that day. I remember telling people about my weekend after the fact and this was a big revelation! No bra = extreme comfort and acceptance. Is it weird that my favorite memory involves me not wearing a bra? Maybe, but this is happening. 

My mom has made her front porch the epitome of home. They've hung up the porch swing my Dad made years ago from old Kingdom Hall chairs and Mom covered it with blankets and pillows. There are candles of all sorts of colors and smells on every surface. And the bouquet of flowers Dad brought home for her that week sitting next to the other bouquet she got from the dentist. But that's another story... There are two rocking chairs and a vine growing along the railing and hanging pots full of flowers. She calls it her "Porch Resort" and we even made a little sign for her to hang that day. 

So we got comfy out there, sometimes just Mom and me...sometimes Chris joined us. We read and talked and slept in the warmth of the late autumn sun. Chris played music on his guitar for us, we talked about the new iPhone update and worked through the new features together. 

But all day we let the dogs run loose. And this part of the weekend makes me smile the most. My parents have a mini-schnauzer named Tucker. They got him when I was 15 and he was my buddy when I lived at home. He got to sleep with me and still does whenever I visit. He is the reason I wanted a mini-schnauzer when Chris and I decided it was time to get a puppy for ourselves. We have had Gibson for 2 years now, and he lights up my days. 

Tucker and Gibson had interacted once before. Tucker is kind of an old man now...set in his ways. He doesn't like strange dogs in his house with his people. So he usually gets jealous and tends to mark his territory. So we hadn't made it a habit of bringing Gibson with us when we visited. Its Tucker's house...I get it. 

But this time it was a last minute trip, and we didn't have a plan. So Gibson came with us. And it turned out to be my favorite part of the weekend. Tucker and Gibson became best friends.

Tucker has a long history of running if he gets loose. He takes off and comes home 2 days later covered in yuck. He is always looking for a way out. Gibson on the other hand, loves to explore, but he always comes when he's called. It was like a revelation to Tucker. "Oh! If I don't run away and come back when I'm called I get to explore and roam around this huge yard we have?! How cool!"

And that's exactly what they did. They chased squirrels and ran out into the field and took turns chasing each other around the pond. But whenever I would call Gibson, they would both come. It was awesome. I was a super proud puppy-mom that day, and it made me happy to see Tucker enjoying his freedom too. 

So, my favorite memory from 2014 was a day spent with my 2 favorite people and my 2 favorite dogs, without a bra on. Yup. Pretty much a perfect day. 

What is your favorite memory from 2014? 


  1. Shaina, I loved this post. You described your mom's porch beautifully; it made me want to go see it myself! I love a homey, comfy porch and wish I had one myself. It's so awesome that your dad made the swing out of old KH chairs too! I'm glad you had a good day that day and could smile. And not wear a bra. (Isn't that the best?? LOL) Those two pups are adorable. Anyway, I hope things are going better for you now! ((HUGS)) to you, friend!

  2. Sounds perfect and those pups are beautiful.

  3. Your perfect day sounds very close to what mine would be🐶

  4. Catching up on my favorite blogs! :) I love your description here! Your favorite memory is so well written! Thanks for sharing it, sweet lady!!! Hope your 2015 is full of all sorts of magical moments!! xo