Sunday, January 27, 2013

My newest designs

I have been working hard on a few designs lately and I’m excited to share some of the results of these projects.

The first is a header design for the lovely Niamh at Finding the Joys in my Journey. She was the winner of my header giveaway at Hope Squared in October. We had a lot of fun talking back and forth about colors and textures and how she wanted the header to look. I love the final product which captures the brightness of her personality and her blog. My favorite things are the geometric shapes and how all the colors look together. She was a pleasure to work with, and her blog is a fun space to visit. Take a look at her header live on her blog HERE.


Next is a complete blog makeover for Rebecca at Our Busy Little Bunch. She received a blogger grant from Mom Central to give her blog a makeover and she chose me as her designer! She knew exactly the color scheme she wanted and sent me these pictures of fabric as a starting off point.


I loved the bright colors and grey as a neutral. She is an amazing quilter and sewer and initially I wanted to do a pretty literal interpretation of that in her design. But after some conversation I realized Rebecca didn’t want to be completely contained by that. So I went back to the drawing board and focused more on the colors with just a little bit of frill. And I added a hint of stitching/thread feel to some of the design elements. I love how everything came together, and Rebecca has been blogging up a storm since the design went live. I’m so excited for the future growth of her blog and am so glad she likes the design. See it for yourself on her blog HERE.


And the final project I have to share is for Gretchen, mother to darling little Arabella whose blog is full of stories of her little girl, her favorite etsy finds and real life moments. I had fun working with her color scheme and using pictures of Arabella. This header was a lot of fun to create!


We worked together to come up with a goal for her blog and something to tie everything together. In just a couple sentences that we used for her sidebar I think we accomplished just that: “I’m taking a cue from my daughter Arabella and living life to the fullest. Telling her stories, sharing our everyday life and encouraging others to live their best life wherever they are with all that they have.” I know you’ll enjoy reading her blog. Visit Gretchen and little Arabella HERE.

I am currently working with my friend and photographer Marta of VonGrey Photography to design her website using Showit. This is my first time really digging into the software and I’m having fun learning something new. Can’t wait to reveal the final website once its complete, so stay tuned!

So this is a big part of why I’ve been pretty quiet here on my own blog. Most of December and January was almost full time hours at the Credit Union and my spare time has been spent working on these design projects. I feel like I’ve hit my stride and am really in “my dream job”…working with the public by day and designing and blogging by night. I just need to work on balancing things better so I have time to share here too. Thanks for sticking around in the meantime and for your comments. They just make my day!

If you visit the blogs I shared today be sure to leave a comment! I’m sure that would make them smile too. Thanks!



  1. Awesome job Shai! I'm so glad your design business has been growing. Who knows what could happen in the next while! Exciting times