Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A cut and a color


Back in December I was just checking Instagram one day like I love to do, and stumbled across this picture in Becky Higgins’ stream. And I instantly thought… “That is totally my next hair style!”


Luckily the darling lady was tagged in the picture, so I clicked over to her Instagram feed and was so excited to find tons of pictures of her sweet hair cut and lots of different ways that she styles it. Her name is Becki and she is the founder of Whippy Cake. You can follow her Instagram HERE. She also has a few hair tutorials on YouTube!


So of course I showed the pictures to Hannah, my cousin and hairstylist, and she said that the texture of my hair would be perfect for the cut! So I started making plans, deciding what products to try and dreaming of short hair. And on Monday the 21st we made it happen!



I’ve had it short for a week now, and I am loving the texture of, how playful it is and yet still really feminine. I can’t wait to try a few more of Becki’s tutorials and see how it looks with curls and lots of volume. Its not the exact color I was going for yet, but my hair was pretty dark, so it will take a couple more processes and it will be perfect. Hannah did such a great job. I am so excited about this style!

And my little puppy Gibson had to get in on the photo action too! He is just the cutest thing. I’m pretty smitten. Look at that face!!


What is the most drastic change of style you’ve ever done?
Do you like short hair? Would you try it?


  1. Gorgeous! I love it!

    I once got about a foot cut off my hair- It went from the small of my back to level with my earlobes!


  2. Love it! I think it was actually your "Pin" of Becki's hair that got me wanting to chop mine... I have been dreaming about short funky hair ever since... I'm hoping to take the plunge with it this spring! I had short hair all my life, until my twenties when I grew it out... I've had long hair for about 10 years now and am SO ready for a big change. Anyway, all that to say - glad to see you went for it, it looks awesome, and thanks for posting pics!

  3. It looks so good! I wish I had your hairstyle confidence! I've had the same look for..ever. Haha. :)