Friday, December 07, 2012

Friday’s Letters


Dear Chris: This morning on the phone you told me that you missed me, even though we’d only been apart a couple hours…it made me feel so loved. Dear Mom: I’m so sorry that your dear friend Hazel passed away. I will miss hearing stories about your visits with her. She was such a kind-hearted woman. Dear Weather: Thank you for pretending that its March instead of December. Its been so nice lately, and I’m glad there is no snow sticking yet. This is my kind of winter! Dear Chelsey: Thank you for asking me to be your duet partner for your karaoke competition. I loved singing with you and had so  much fun. (YouTube video of our duet here). Dear Neighborhood Kids: Why do you have to line up for the school bus in front of my house? I don’t have any kids for a reason, and I don’t appreciate your screaming and carrying on every morning. Seriously? Line up somewhere else! Dear Instagram: This song is the funniest thing I saw online this week, and I think I laughed harder because I’m guilty of taking so many of those pictures!! Dear Saturday Morning: You are my favorite thing lately…getting to spend you with my husband, having breakfast together and then going out in service. Not working Saturdays is so amazing. Dear Marta: I am so glad you asked me to come along to assist on your glamour shoot last week. I had fun doing hair and make-up and making everyone laugh and feel relaxed. I think we make a good team. Dear Rum and Coke: Get in my belly!! Have a great weekend friends!!


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