Wednesday, December 05, 2012

My day off


Today is my day off…and the first day off I’ve had with nothing planned. No doctor’s appointments or places to go. No need to get up early and get out of my pajamas even! Or do my hair, for that matter. Winking smile 

Life has been so good lately. This is what’s going on around here…


I’ve been wearing my newest glasses from, drinking coffee from my pink zebra print mug, spending all my free time in blogger template and learning code to get my new designs up, adding more words to my Russian vocabulary and feeling humbled by how hard it is, feeling grateful for my regimen of milk of magnesia and Metamucil to keep my IBS relatively under control, wearing new nail polish colors and my favorite scarves again, looking forward to watching Chris learn how to use his new airbrush kit, and treating ourselves to wings from Pizza Hut.

There is lots of joy in these busy days. I am glad for this space of mine to share.


What’s up with you lately?
Are you learning new things or making time to relax?
What is bringing you joy?


  1. oh i need a day to crash lol. been going 9000mph since thanksgiving =)
    love your coffee cup & airbrush?! that's awesome!

  2. I love having a day off like that. I call them "Jessica Days" and take off work for them. Love your new specks!

  3. I love days like that and don't get them often! It sounds like you guys have been busy. I still think it's so cool you're learning Russian! :)

  4. I am definitely working on relaxation as a goal. Life has been quite stressful this week for Jen and I, but we've really been working on seeing the positive side of life and not worrying about what we can't really control!

    I adore your nail polish colors! :D