Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Alt + Bing = free learning

The last couple years I’ve been watching online as many of my favorite bloggers attend the Alt Design Summit. Its an event for bloggers of all types to gather together, share ideas, take classes, and grow their blog and network…to make their blog better and to be better bloggers. I think I just used the word blog like 27 times. (hehe)

Anyway…the next one is scheduled for January 2013, but this summer Alt is offering a ton of blogging classes online. And partnering up with Bing’s Summer Of Doing to offer a couple for free! How neat is that?!


There are so many great classes, but the ones I’m hoping to take are:

Totally things that will help me in my own blogging and in moving forward with designing for other bloggers. I’m really excited.

Want to learn how to qualify for the free classes? More information on the Alt Blog and see all the classes available here. I love Bing’s Summer Of Doing concept as a way to celebrate the summertime. There is a daily search word to inspire more doing, and I love that they’ve gotten bloggers involved. We “do” and then we blog! Pretty perfect match. #thanksbing

Yay for summertime and free learning!

What classes would you sign up for?
Have you ever been to Alt?


  1. I signed up for content is king too! I am super excited! Ive never been before, but I have read so many posts about it!

    1. I always seem to feed off of other people's posts and stories about Alt, so to be able to take a class myself is super exciting! The Content is King one sounds so perfect. Classmates!! :D