Thursday, July 12, 2012

Its Thursday again

TILTtitleAnd I’m excited to share some great things I’ve found online in the last 2 weeks. My TILT bookmark’s folder just keeps growing and growing. Lots of great content these last two weeks, some fun new music, some helpful tutorials and some sweet pictures. Welcome Thursday!!


>>>> 4 of my favorite instagram images this last week. Scrip writing and photostrips have my heart. 1//2//3//4


>>>> Thanks to these two tweets and these two ladies I have discovered Branches music. I’ve got all their music streaming from their bandcamp site and love their voices, harmonies and eclectic music mixes. Still haven’t picked a favorite song yet… You should listen and tell me which one you like the best.


>>>> Shane of Whispering Sweet Nothings did a post last week about blogging faux pas and the Ten Commandments of Blogging. I especially love #3: Thou shall put careful thought and consideration into your comments. Its something everyone appreciates and should be best practice for giving and receiving comments.

>>>> This post by Jen of Punky and the City really struck a cord with me. As bloggers we record life so we shouldn’t feel guilty when we’re out living instead of inside blogging. Be inspired by life. Be grateful. Truth! Great post.

>>>> Found this clothing company called Idyllec through a giveaway on Story of My Life blog and I just love them. My favorite is the painted bird shirt.


>>>> Friendship shapes us into who we are. Post via The Conversation blog.

>>>> I attended my very first BlogBrunch this last Saturday and I was so inspired by it! It is a live conversation on twitter where bloggers from all over tweet in response to pre-posted questions. The most recent one was all about content with the theme “The Power of the Post". Lots of great ideas shared regarding developing series ideas and overcoming creative blocks. I made so many new blogging friends and after the hour was over felt a renewed spark for blogging once again. Come join us next month!


>>>> I am loving all the Adobe Photoshop Elements tutorials showing up in blogland. Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess are Ambassadors for company currently and their most recent tutorial was like a huge “aha!” moment for me. Come check out this super easy way to create vibrant colors in your images. I have a feeling I’ll be using this a ton!



Have you found any great tutorials online lately?
Have any new music to share with me this week?
What do you {love} today?


  1. I'm off to look at that tutorial. I have PSE and rarely EVER use it. Shame on me!! Thanks for sharing the things you love with us!

    1. :) I use PSE every day, so shame on me for not knowing about this trick yet! ;)

  2. Awh it made me smile real wide to see your shout out to my post! :D ps. Thanks for the awesome scrapbooking tips, they will come in handy very soon!!

    xo Shane

    1. Well, your post was totally share-worthy!! Great writing girl. :)
      And I look forward to seeing some of your scrapbooking soon.

  3. Ah well you see, what I love is procrastination and you lady, just served up a whole plateful so THANK YOU! Love Elle xo

  4. ohh. love that crystal doorknob. so glamorous! and that wall print too! they'll both be in my future apartment.

    found the route

  5. I loved A Beautiful Mess' Photoshop tutorials. I had the same "aha" moment that you described. I can't believe I hadn't been doing that to my photos before that!