Friday, January 13, 2012

OLW: flourish

My one little word for 2012 is flourish.  This is my second year picking a 'one little word' to guide and mold my life in the year to come.  Last year was full of changes and big beginnings...this year will be about settling into my new routines and choices and thriving within them.

Flourish --  verb:  
  1. to be in a vigorous state; to thrive
  2. to be in it's or in one's prime; to be at the height of excellence
  3. to be successful; to prosper
  4. to grow luxuriantly, or to thrive in growth
  5. to make dramatic sweeping gestures
  6. to decorate or add embellishment
synonyms: exist in abundance, overflow, thrive, accomplish, increase, intensify, garnish, display, swish, curlicue.  

 I have had a couple weeks sitting with my word now in this new year.  I knew this was my word as soon as it hit me, but I have struggled a bit with writing about it.  It is important to me to document this journey and to see what good things this word may bring into my life.  To delve into the ways I can be effected and affected by choosing this word.  So I've been sitting with it and collecting my thoughts, but today I want to share.  I want to put a voice to my intentions, to claim and to invite this word.  

A favorite quote I have discovered is from Barbara Smith. 
"Where trust is, love can flourish." 

I hope that this word has a powerful impact on my relationships.  With my husband especially.  This year we will celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary and my love for this man just keeps on growing.  And I want that to continue... I want our love to flourish here in our new home, in the life we have made for ourselves.  I also want to be more present within my friendships.  To make real connections and accept and love and encourage those around me.

I also want to flourish spiritually... I feel that this is a process that I began last year with getting back into the pioneer work and I want to continue to set and reach my spiritual goals.  Being active in the ministry work makes me feel like my life means something, like the work I do is worthwhile.  The greatest gift I can give is of myself and my time.  I want to give my best to Jehovah.  I want to grow and thrive in this area of my life.

There is also great opportunity for adding flourish within my home.  Being a new homeowner is so exciting and I am eager to continue to decorate and make our house a home we are proud of.  I have plans to turn our guest room into a bit of a music studio space for Chris, and ideas for utilizing that big wall in our living/dining room.  I can literally "add flourish" here.

I am also on a bit of a journey with my health (another post about this coming sometime soon) and I want to invite the thought of flourishing into this space as well.  Its been a difficult battle with figuring out what is wrong and exactly how my body works in relation to the foods I eat.  I have not been making the best choices, but this is changing.  And I can already feel my body changing.  I want to flourish physically and be healthy.  I want my eyes to shine again.

Throughout the year I plan on collecting things that relate to my word on a Pinterest board I've created just for it.  I am excited to see it morph and change and collect things, maybe even unexpected things.  You're welcome to follow me there and watch the journey unfold.

I chose this word because it just took hearing it one time to know it was the right word.  I think it chose me. My mind started spinning with all the ways it could present in my life, and I am glad to have some of my intentions and goals written down in this space.  I'm sure I will share throughout the year little ways that I am flourishing.  I am glad to be on this journey.

Did you pick a One Little Word this year?  
What are you inviting into your life? 

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  1. That is a great word! Wishing you all the best for your journey this year!