Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Project Three Sixty Five

Its been a few weeks since I shared my Project 365 pictures, but we have been taking them.  I can't believe we've been keeping up with this project for 6 whole months now.  I am so proud of us!! 

I won't share all the weeks that didn't get posted, but the last couple would be fun to share. :) 

This week was full of: new candles from overnight guests we had, free 6" sub from Subway cuz I had enough points, Chris got his eyes checked and picked out glasses, then he strained his eyes some more playing Assassin's Creed, my cousin Hannah's new business card at her new salon, magnet poetry for our fridge, and 28 degree weather but still no snow. 

This week was full of:  before and afters of new hair, eating lots of grapes, chocolate gifts from Chris' customers, my camera collection unpacked, fresh baked banana bread, reading Jasmine* 's Exposed magazine, and Chris' glasses came in (he looks so handsome, and he can see now!!) 

This week was full of:  trying to catch the stupid mouse, my favorite place to get coffee (and what turned out to be my last cup of coffee ever), brand new babies, the longest Chris' facial hair has ever been, rodeo bulls back in town on "winter vacation", the offer for the month and walking around the block in the cold crisp day. 

My favorite day:  becoming Auntie Shai for sure!!  

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