Saturday, December 31, 2011

begin and end

Begin:  my One Little Word for 2011.  
This word is a verb meaning: 1) to perform the first or earliest part of some action; commence; start 2) to come into existence; arise; originate 3) to be the originator of.  its synonyms include such words as: inaugurate, actualize, establish, instigate, introduce, generate, impel, open, prepare, produce, undertake, become functional. 
At the beginning of the year I introduced my word and shared my thoughts on why I had picked "begin" as my word (or why I thought it picked me).  I love how this year really has come full circle.  This is what I said in January:   
this is how i am approaching the year 2011... with the intention of opening myself up to the possibility held by this word.  i want to begin so many things, and also finish what i start.  i want to savor the beginnings of things and recognize the change they bring.  i want to "be the originator" of action and progress and movement.
i want to begin to live.
And looking back through these last 12 months I feel fulfilled in what I wanted to accomplish and even surprised in what my word brought into my life.

The Facts:  I literally began many things this year, including regular auxiliary pioneering, being a homeowner, handling stress differently, online courses to help me find my way, keeping a check register, actively encouraging others, making our house a home, learning more about my husband, designing (wedding invitations and logos this year) traveling and going on adventures, trying out recipes, doing blog makeovers again, experimenting with my hair style, collecting things on Pinterest and created my "Stop Pinning // Start Doing" posts, figuring out my photography and editing style, a 365 project with Chris for our 5th year of marriage, new friendships, rekindle old friendships, read book after book after book, and really live!

The Feelings:  I feel like this word really had a huge impact in my life.  Many things I intentionally decided and began, which let to new goals and fresh outlooks on life.  I know that being back the pioneer work has made me feel more like myself again.  I am so glad to have found my purpose in life have real joy.  I have become more purposeful in my relationships, especially with my husband.  I want to be actively in love, not just married, and I feel like we have begun a new chapter as a couple.  There are also some things that I began and finished, like my 52weeks book.  That was such a precious project to me, and by selling my book throughout the year I was able to carry it with me.  And then there was the month I gave up Diet Coke; that was an undertaking that I followed through with.  Our 365 project is still alive and going strong.  I am so proud of deciding to begin that project and can't wait to finish it and hold the book in my hands.  That feeling of accomplishment is something that only comes when first you begin.

As I say goodbye to my word this year I want to remember how I feel today: refreshed, eager, ready, happy.  And that's not to say that everything is perfect right now... I'm just savoring the little things that make me happy.  I want to remember there is fear in beginning, but also a chance to learn and grow.  I want to remember to finish the things I begin and continue to incite in myself and others action, and progress and forward motion.

What a year it has been.... from beginning to end. 

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  1. so what`s your new word?
    I`m glad you started pioneering again.. i actually could see a difference through your writing when u started up again. It really is the best career you can have