Thursday, December 29, 2011

SHADYlane Photography: year end

As the year comes to a close we all find that it is a time of reflection.  And I wanted to compile all of the sessions I did this year and share my favorite images.  I did this last year and it was one of my favorite posts, so I wanted to make sure and do it again for 2011.  

I really feel like I have developed and defined my style as a photographer this year.  I am so grateful to those who hired me and let me take their pictures this year.  I have grown so much, and its only through practice that I'll continue to get better and hone my skills behind the lens.  

And on to my shoots from 2011: 
Bennett Family
(largest group I've ever shot!!)  

Katie and Cody Legere wedding in Halifax, Nova Scotia 

Dear family friends, Tracy and Lisa and their sweet daughters. 

My sister Megan and her husband Siyani 

Senior Shoot 1: Rebekah

Senior Shoot 2:  Ri

Engagement shoot for Rob and Kirsten
(I shot their family pictures in 2010 too!) 

Schwartz family.  Oh what a fun shoot.  See more here

Jimmy and Marla Weed

Thank you for all your support throughout the year as my ever dreams of photography keep expanding.  I'd love to shoot you and your family in 2012!  Click on the SHADYlane Photography link at the top for more information. 

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