Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Project Three Hundred and Sixty Five

I have two weeks of pictures to share today.  I love the little glimpse into our trip that these pictures give.  Little memories captured and treasured.  I am so loving how this project is coming along...

Thanks for taking a peek.
I have decided that for the next month I'm going to try and not take pictures of food! LOL.  We're two months in and there are sooo many pictures of food.

I have found a couple of  "30-days of photography" lists on Pintrest that I'm hoping we can get some new ideas from for our project.  Now that we're back from vacation our days feel all the same again.  :P


  1. heehee, i love taking pictures of food, too!!

  2. CONGRATS, you won the Brooke White giveaway on! YAY! email me when you get a chance so I can give you details.