Thursday, August 18, 2011

things I learned

Today I turned 25...and in following tradition, I created my list of things I learned during the previous year.  (to see my list from the last two years click HERE)  Its a project that always makes me feel a little nostalgic, glad for the life I have, and grateful for the fact that I record so much of it here on my blog.  And so, here is my list for this year.

  1. I am as strong as I remember. 
  2. Surprises make the best memories. 
  3. "You might not like where you are, but like where you're headed." -J*
  4. Creativity helps me make sense of life.
  5. Vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness. 
  6. It is possible to overcome a great feeling of loss. 
  7. There is nothing like falling more in love with the one who already holds your heart. 
  8. I must never forget to make time for writing. 
  9. There is a reason why the square peg doesn't fit in the round hole. 
  10. My story is worth being told, through whatever medium my heart decides. 
  11. The first step in reaching goals is setting them. 
  12. It really never hurts to ask. 
  13. It is important to savor the feeling of a completed project. 
  14. Half-aversaries should be celebrated too! 
  15. Be open to the possibility of new beginnings. 
  16. Indulge in little things that make you sunflower seeds. 
  17. The relief and responsibility that comes with being a homeowner. 
  18. When you trust in God, give him control, and do what he asks he really does provide "all other things." 
  19. I am passionate about design. 
  20. Dry shampoo is magical, and so are purple streaks. 
  21. I am a scanner...and its okay to not pick only one thing to do with my lfie. 
  22. HULU is a wonderful invention. 
  23. We really hsould go on vacation more than once every 4 years. 
  24. Behind the camera will always be one of my favorite places. 

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  1. Happy Birthday, Shaina!! Love your list of things you learned. And yes, HULU rocks! :)