Thursday, July 21, 2011

things I love thursday

I haven't done one of these features on my blog since April!  I think its about time.  :)

To begin, here is a collage of my favorite images from the web lately.  I find myself being drawn to rich and vibrant colors lately...
1. Botanicals VII, 2. Not available, 3. Not available, 4. Not available, 5. Not available, 6. yesterday's anthro loot  (the "not available" links can be found in my "beauty" Pintrest board!)

And now some of my favorite links and things from around the web:


A new book called "I Am Her" full of words like these:


Amy Seeley's new song "Highlights of Owls" available in this free download!


I totally enjoyed this post by photographer Tara Whitney where she shared her images from her shoot with the lovable Amy Tangerine.  I adore the feel of the images and the story they tell about this woman without any words.  Tara has a talent for that...


Future Me.  Write yourself a letter to be delivered on a future date.  I think this is such a fabulous concept.  My senior year of high school we did this in English class and our teacher mailed us the letters we wrote the next summer, a year after we graduated.  It was so neat to read what was important to me then, and how my life and gone on the path I wanted and how it had differed.  And this electronic method seems easy and unique.  I'm gonna give it a try. :)


The ever wonderful Kyla Roma shared Marie Forleo on her blog a few days ago and I have since been spending spare time watching all of her videos.  She has a great personality that shines through in her words and videos, and the wisdom she shares is just what I need right now in my life.  Here is my favorite video so far:

She's fabulous. :)

So, there is my {things I love} Thursday for you this week.  What have you found lately??  I'd love to see your links and/or thoughts in the comments.  And hopefully I'll make this at least a monthly feature again here on the blog.  Its fun, and its a great way for me to keep track of things that inspire me.

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  1. What a beautiful post...I feel like I just ate a really rich dessert!