Friday, July 29, 2011

rolling in the deep

Here is a little confession for you:  I am a huge Adele fan.  And her newest album just blows me away.  Her first single off the new album is "Rolling in the Deep."  Amazing beat and catchy melody.  Its a favorite "driving in the car with the windows down" song for sure!

But lately I have stumbled across some amazing covers of her song, and I wanted to share a couple today.

This is an a capella cover where the singer does all the sounds for the whole song using just his voice.  AMAZING!!

This is the super cute and super talented Maddi Jane. Love this video!

And here is Linkin Park doing the cover live. My favorite part is when the audience sings along. Chills!

This is the ever fabulous John Legend. I love the tone of his voice.

And to finish up, the amazing Adele herself. This is the very first video I saw of her doing anything from her newest album and its still a favorite. On a windy rooftop, with just a lapel mic and just a guitar for accompaniment. She blows me away!

Do you love Adele? What is your favorite song??


  1. OH MY GOODNESS, I am so in love with that Linkin Park cover!!!! I loooooove Adele and her new album too! Every song is so great!

  2. I bought her new album a while back - and I love it :D

  3. Oh who doesn't love Adele! She is just so talented and sweet, and Rolling in the Deep is so catchy! I really like the a capella cover, so clever!