Wednesday, March 09, 2011

moving forward

as of my last update on the house front, we found a place that we like.  really like!  and then we saw the breakdown from the mortgage company.  its a little out of our price-range.  we could do it, but then we wouldn't have a life.  and we like having a life! :P  so we're moving forward and onward.

the great thing about the house we looked at, is that it is part of a development in our area with local builders.  so we talked to our real estate agent again and i had an idea:  maybe they have a different floor plan that is open like we love, but a bit more within our price range.  so this afternoon she came by with some print-outs for us to look at. 
we narrowed it down to a couple options.  she's checking with the developer to see if its possible to build the house we really like without the den, to cut down on square footage and maybe bring the price within our range.  the other floorplan is open with minimal "hallways" and is totally a great option.  we're hoping to be able to get inside one that is already built to get a feel for it and see if we like it. 

so that's what we're waiting from the developer.  in the meantime, we're going to a couple open houses in town on saturday to keep our options open.  who knows?  maybe we'll find the perfect place for us.  all i know is that im so anxious to get out of the place we're in now.  ready to move on with our life. 

i'll probably share an update from the open houses on saturday.  we'll see how it goes.

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  1. exciting! hope it works out for you, shaina! :)