Friday, March 11, 2011

15 questions

while on vacation the lovely marta of is having a bunch of different quest bloggers all answer the same 15 questions.  though im not one of her guests, i thought i'd answer them on my blog just for fun. 

:: no matter what mood i'm in, i can always go for a: phone call from a friend.

:: my favorite go-to outfit would have to be: jeans, my favorite Old Navy tee and a scarf

:: a good source of inspiration is:  my old notebooks.  it does my soul good to look back and see what excited me before and try to find that same feeling again in my life now.

:: am so glad my parents taught me: that i don't have to be the best, i just have to do my best.

:: a song i like to dance to is:  the only one i dance to at del-red: "honky tonk badonkadonk" by trace adkins.  crazy, i know!  but our friend john always sings it during karaoke just for me and my friend nani.  once it starts we can't help but dance! we call it the donky kong song.  its our favorite line. 

:: i wish everyone knew about:  it made me smile and want to make up my own.

:: the best thing in my makeup bag is: makeup from avon.Mark.  i love everything in their line. 

:: my dream spring break vacation spot is: road trip to california.  i want to see the redwoods.

:: this may be a surprise, but i am passionate about:  design. 

:: a favorite book that changed me for the better:  "girl of the limberlost" by gene stratton porter.  my absolute favorite book ever.  its worth checking out of the library. 

:: one of my pet peeves is:
  indecisiveness.  just make a decision already!! 

:: my favorite daily ritual would have to be: calling chris right after i wake up. 

:: i am trying to be better at:  not saying negative things about myself.

:: the most recent rad thing i found online was:
  hair blogs and tutorials.  im having fun trying new things with my hair.

:: i can't live without:
talking to my mum every day (or as often as possible)

did you learn something new about me??  do you want to add this to your blog too??  link me up!!  i'd love to hear from you. 


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