Tuesday, March 08, 2011

designing again

i am so excited to share my most recent blog makeover.  my scrappy online friend Patty did a twitter shout-out saying she was looking to redo her blog.  and after a couple years hiatus on the blog design front, i decided it was time to dip my toes back in and offered to work with her. 

and we had a blast!!  we sourced inspiration for the feel she was going for, the colors she was drawn to and the fonts she just loved.  in her words she was looking for "something out of an art journal with a twist of vintage and a pinch of scrapbook" and i ran with it... this is the final design:

i am so loving how it all came together.  yellow and grey with a touch of aqua.  i think its just so "patty" and she's loving it so far too. 

i want to take this chance to thank patty for trusting me with her blog and for giving me the chance to get back into blog designs.  im now so excited to move forward.  are you looking for a new look for your online home??  perhaps im in your price range!  :)  for more information see my sHe*deSigNs tab at the top of my blog.  i'd love to work with you too! 

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