Friday, December 31, 2010

DECEMBER 2010:  this was quite a month.  2010 went out with a bang.  chris and i started a new tradition of going out for breakfast together on saturday mornings, i applied for another term at SFTIO, took the final 5 pictures of my 52weeks project, celebrated our Half-Aversary, spent too much money at the Del Red, had a fantastic visit with our friends in Portland, tried some new songs at karaoke, bought some new Mark makeup and love it, watched the sing-off on Hulu, got addicted to playing wordfued on my phone, bought some new music, had to wear my old glasses for a full week without contacts, saw tron in 3D with chris for a date night, cooked a 24lb ham (haminit), decided my word for 2011, thought seriously about changing my hair to red again, ordered boots that didn't fit, made way too many grilled cheese sandwiches, shared my WONDER pages throughout the month, figured out my plan for my 52weeks book,  i was included in an artists post about self-portrait photography (a true honor), thought a lot about this last year and reviewed all my different hair-styles, had a friend over for tea, watched tons of movies with husband, did absolutely no scrapbooking, made some big decisions about the future, didn't do dished for a full week, interpreted at all the meetings and felt my confidence in my signing skills growing, took my in-laws out for a special dinner, wrote poems from the depths of my heart, struggled with rejection and worthiness, bought husband a mandolin, went in service with lisa on monday afternoons and was filled with hope.

what a month.
what a year.

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