Thursday, December 30, 2010

the growth of my dream

2010 was a huge year for the growth of my dream to be a photographer.  i started "doing business" as SHADYlane Photography, and shot some of my favorite pictures this year.  so for another "review" post i wanted to share those favorite pictures.  i love being able to see growth in each session i did.  this year was about learning more about my camera, developing my style as a photographer and growing my confidence behind the camera. 

here is a little taste of that journey....
cam and amanda

my girls rebecca and kelly

my cousin hannah, her husband caleb and their boy aiden

the lovely marta

jason and tracy (and baby nadine!)

darling jamin

our dear friends nani and kaleb

kimi and ryan (and baby ruthie too)

my friend kirsten and her family

sweet baby ruthie (my very first newborn session)

its been a great year through my viewfinder.  im so excited to see where 2011 takes my photography.  hope you'll stay along for the ride.  thank you for all your support through the year.  :)


  1. awesome shots!
    i think my fave is the one with the ultrasound - so cute!
    have you looked through old photos lately? i am just printing an updated portfolio and realizing side by side how much better my stuff is than 2 years ago.
    hoping 2011 reaches even greater heights, and for you too!