Thursday, September 16, 2010

what enlightenment means to me

i am taking a little break from my blogging break to share another page with you from the ENLIGHTENMENT kit.  this theme was hard for me initially... but once i thought about what enlightenment means to me the ideas just started to flow. 
this page was inspired by my friends kelly and katie.  as the poem included on the page says, they really have opened my eyes to so many aspects of life.  they really are true friends.

thanks for taking a peek.
i should be back to regularily scheduled blogging sometime next week.  hopefully by monday all the huge decisions will be made and i'll get back to feeling a little normal.  


  1. This layout is BEAUTIFUL! I love the color choices with your pic!

  2. this is such a lovely page!

  3. What an excellent page! Lovely :)

  4. good luck with everything this week!!

    i just wanted to stop by and tell you how much i *love* your dare this week. it is perfect.