Sunday, August 01, 2010

JULY 2010:  this month went by to fast, we traveled to whidbey island for chris' cousin's wedding, i dove deep into courage, i wrote poetry i am proud of, i was inspired by a new music video, i made a grateful list to keep me focused, bought fresh cherries off a truck by the side of the road, played with camera apps on chris' new phone, searched for inspiration online, fell in love with quotes again, tried my hand at stop motion, got photoshop help from ms.kara, did a photoshoot with nani and kaleb, got to meet sweet baby nadine, didn't get a sunburn, got woken up at 3am by a bunch of cops outside our house catching some guy, got really sick a few times, got a new to me IKEA desk for $100 and the promise of a photoshoot, saw and loved the movie Inception, edited pictures from my visit with KT and Kelly, got good news about buying our house and the First-time Homebuyers tax credit, watched my puppy grow even more, went swimming at the lake a few times, was gifted an action for photoshop, missed seeing my mum 2 times, started reading a new book, found an earwig in my mouth after taking a drink from a straw, got all my friends reading eat, pray, love, added more photography blogs to my bloglines and finally got some scrapping done. 

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  1. that's a good list =) Minus the earwig eewww and the guy/cop story!