Wednesday, August 25, 2010

goal number four

my biggest challenge for myself in my 4 simple goals, was number 4:  make one meal a week by myself. 
this might seem funny to those of you who don't know much about the family i've married into.  you might think its strange that i've been married 3 years and still don't make dinner every night for my husband. 

but here's the thing:  my mother-in-law is practically a gourmet chef and she taught chris sooo much in the kitchen.  so he loves to cook himself and does a really good job at it.  now i get in the kitchen and all i can think about is how high his expectations are going to be, or how bad my food is going to be in comparision to what he's known all his life.  so for the last 3 years i've just let him do it.  i help a lot; boil water, cut veggies, etc.  chris calls me his sous chef.  but i have never really "cooked a meal" all by myself in our kitchen. 

and i want to change that!  i know that the problem is me.  that my husband isn't going to criticize what i cook and that he will be supportive.  i really just need to get out of my own way and do it! 

so last night i did!!
i made rice with chicken broth as the liquid, cubed chicken fried with garlic and onions, and green beans with a garlic butter sauce. 

i hope this is the start of a beautiful friendship with my kitchen!  :) 
have some fun recipes you think i should try??  please send me links!!


  1. Yay!

    I started cooking once a week for my 2010 resolutions this year. I did it for 8 months until I left. It's hardwork at first, but can get to be fun!

    Also, these photos are AMAZING:

  2. thanks for the link kara!! :D

  3. There's no rule that says the wife has to cook every meal! :) My hubby loves to cook (and is great at it) and believe-you-me...when he offers, I let him!! LOL Your meal looks great though. As for recipes, I find a lot of our favorites at

  4. oh, you have no idea how lucky you are girly!!! good luck with the cooking - i need to do more of that myself! xo

  5. oh yes! get in that kitchen and try and treat it like your other creations. Be inspired and you will seriously enjoy it. I love cooking, but I only got there because I had to with all my food issues.
    And it's not about who "should" cook either - pssh.
    There really is something about nourishing your body though, it's pretty fantastic.