Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the best surprise ever

i've been waiting for yesterday for such a long time...
it had been 3 years and 2 months since i'd last seen my younger brother, micah.  and i missed him something fierce.  he's the person i always wish i could share experiences with.  i always "wish micah was here."
well, on Monday the 23rd he was.
and we were sneaky kids and planned a surprise visit with mum.  :)

i made plans to have dinner with mum and dad that night, cuz we've been meaning to get together, but kept missing each other with our busy schedules.  so, in mum's eyes, it was just a regular monday night dinner.  but while she was at work that afternoon chris and i met up early with micah who made the long trip down from Grande Prairie (alberta, canada). 

we took pictures together. 

these are some of my favorite pictures ever.  this is so US.  even though we've been apart, it was like no time had passed.  it was nice to just be a sibling for a few hours. 

after we took the shots, we picked our favorite one, edited it, sent it to walmart to be printed and picked out a frame for it.  then it was time for the surprise portion of our day. 

mum got home from work at about 5 while micah and i were out getting dinner and the pictures.  he came up with the idea of how we would surprise mum.  genius boy!! i went into the house first with my hands full of dinner, while he waited up the driveway.  mum got up off the couch to help me and i told her i had a new picture for her to add to her wall.  i pulled this picture and in its frame out of my purse and handed it to her.

she took the frame and with tears in her eyes asked "how did you do that?" 
i smiled at her and said, "he's here.  he's coming down your driveway right now."

she was so shocked.  she ran outside and hugged her boy so tight.  i cried watching them, and was sooo grateful to have had a share in such a perfect surprise. 

this goes down in history as one of my favorite days ever.
i love you micah!!


  1. This made me cry too!!!! So sweet! What a great surprise and I LOVE how you two surprised her!!!! So wonderful!!!

  2. Oh, how AWESOME is this?! What a great surprise for your mom and gift for ALL of you. Hope he's staying for a visit for a while! Love the photos... hope the one of your bro and mom get a frame too!

  3. Oh this is so great! Fabulous photos and I'm sure a memory to last forever!

  4. SOOOO COOL!!! That is AWESOME!!! Amazing pictures!

  5. aww, this gave me chills. What a sweet surprise!