Tuesday, August 17, 2010

4 simple goals

like i mentioned in my {things i love} thursday post from last week, i was really intrigued by Elsie's 4 simple goals concept. the intention is to accomplish these goals before 2011.  i really enjoyed this.  i took some time to put together a list of things that will make my life richer, will push me to fulfill my dreams and give me some fun motivation.  there are a lot of people participating and its been fun to see everyone's goals.  here is my list:

1: create a unique and inspiring studio space ~ i've got my ideas collected and my curtains made, but now its time to make my dreams a reality.  once we sign the papers on the house, im buying paint!!  i am eager to decorate and make a place that feels like home.  and also a space that is functional for everything i do and am going to do in my studio. 

2: type every day ~  i am going to use this goal to motivate me in a few ways.  specifically in my medical transcription course.  if i do a little bit every day i will finish.  this makes it seem not so daunting in my mind.  i am also including in this goal efforts to be a better blogger.  to type from an authentic place and really make my blog everything i want it to be. 

3: continue to perfect my craft ~  my photography is something that i want to give more attention to.  i want to develop my own artistic viewpoint and really capsulize who i am as a photographer.  this means planning more shoots and practicing all the time.  taking pictures has brought me so much joy this year...i can't wait to see where it continues to take me.

4: make one meal a week by myself ~ chris is the cook in our house.  and he is damn good at it.  which is why i've just let the kitchen been his realm for so long.  i've felt like my "skills" in the kitchen could never match up.  but it is my goal to TRY!  i want to learn to be better.  so my goal is to make at least on meal for chris all by myself.  something that will help me reach this goal is the cooking lessons chris' mum is going to start giving me once they move into their new place.  i am soooo excited about this!!

lets go out with a BANG! 2010!!  these 4 simple goals will be steps toward my biggest goal:  leading a happy and fulfilled life. 
playing along??  leave me a link!!

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  1. your goals are awesome!
    i'm uber jealous that you will get to have a studio space. and damn, if we only lived closer to each other we could meet and pose/photograph each other. if you ever feel like visiting...
    i would have started the 4 simple, but i already have my own list of 22 to do before the new year. slowly workin on those.
    all the best to you with yours!