Thursday, July 01, 2010

JUNE 2010:  this month i shared more of my love of sunflairs, wrote all about my puppy spencer and the things that make him special, went on a road trip with the love of my life, had a visit with my special girls, kelly and kt, got my new glass as an anniversary present, enjoyed seeing special old friends in canada, worked on my pages for the design team over at Scrapbooking from the Inside Out, got a free tire for one of our cars, had a horrible allergic reaction to all the mosquito bites i got up north, celebrated my 3 year anniversary with my hubs, fell on my face at the convention and still have a bruise from it, took pictures of my dear friend rebecca, got my hair done again, dealt with frustrations and depression, fell in love with eat, pray, love, answered 8 questions about myself, went to the convention in Prince George, watched 'so you think you can dance', dealt with a family emergency, won a gift certificate, loved it when spencer got the hiccups, weeded my yard with my mum, drank a lot of orange juice, spent a bunch of time with my friend taya, had some crazy nightmares, got new living room furniture from my parents, felt a drain of creativity, had some good heart-to-hearts with some special friends, got a new clock for my collection and was glad when the month was over.

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