Friday, June 04, 2010

my 'lil sir

spencer and i did some photos together this week.  i wanted him to be in my picture for my 52weeks project.  this is the final shot.  how cute is this boy??  :)

and here are some more of my little puppy.  i just cant get enough of his cute boxer face.  i am smitten for sure!!

spencer gets the hiccups a lot, and its so cute.  he got a little ball from chris' mum that he just loves to chase around the living room.  he likes things in pairs... socks, shoes, toys.  we gave him one old sock to chew on and play with and he found another one too so he would have two.  he likes music a lot and calms down when chris sings to him before bed.  he is having fun exploring his back yard and running around as fast as he can.  he is afraid of rain and refuses to go potty outside when it is raining.  with all the rain we've been having recently, that is making it very hard to house train this boy.  he loves to cuddle with me, but loves playing rough with chris.  he bats at things with his paws like a cat does.  he has never been in the kitchen, and has learned that we don't want him in there.  so he just sits in the dining room right at the threshold to the kitchen when we're in there.  he loves to be with us wherever we are.  he makes me so happy.  i am glad to have a companion for my days.

hop on over to my other blog to read the poem i wrote for this week's picture.  you can see it HERE.
so, im a very happy puppy mum.
i can't wait to scrapbook all about my boy!!


  1. He is just adorable - glad he is doing so well with you guys!! :)